Pro pet offers you our services for many reasons. Whether you are gone on vacation, work long hours or unexpectedly become ill or injured and are receiving hospital care. Whatever the case may be Pro pet prides ourselves with professionalism and puts you and your pets needs as our top priority with the best care possible.

Pro Pet Services Include:

Pet visits: are for people who just want their pets to have a little extra love and attention when they can’t be there themselves. Visits can be scheduled for anytime of the day or evening. These visits will include play time with your pet, snuggle time, and bathroom breaks. Watering/Feeding can also be done during this visit if desired.

Daily dog walks: are generally done between 11:00 am and 3:00 pm Monday through Friday. Daily dog walks are designed for busy people who work long hours during the day and need someone at home in the afternoon so your pet can get adequate exercise, and a bathroom break.

Vacation visits: are for people on vacation or business trips who are gone for 24 hours or more. Vacation visits will include all watering/feeding of your pets, walks, exercise, Bathroom breaks and medication administration if needed. Pro pet will also do you the courtesy making your home looked lived in while your away to deter crime from happening.

Medical care visits: are for people who have special needs animals who require routine yet strict medical schedules. These visits can be set up on a temporary or permanent basis. Visits may be done at anytime of day or evening and need to be scheduled in advance to ensure your pet receives proper medical care in a timely manner

Pro pet sitting service providers are able to:

owner walking dog